Parking Made Simple for Your Worldwide Experience! At Luton Airport parking 

When travelling to the crowded Luton Airport, especially in the busiest travel times, finding an affordable parking space can often be challenging. Fortunately, we provide a solution with our reliable airport parking services. A safe and secure parking space can be booked in advance, eliminating any stress and guaranteeing a smooth start to your journey.

You will find a solution to all of your parking issues with our facilities, whether you need our on-airport, Meet and Greet, or cheap Park and Ride parking. You can feel confident that using our services will enable you to effectively complete your hunt for the best affordable parking option. 

Get our Luton Airport parking services that are the most affordable, safe, and convenient to the terminal to experience the best in convenience. You get a discount of up to 60% on all parking options when you pre-book parking with us.

Furthermore, you can be confident that all of our parking lots have earned the famous Park Mark certification, confirming that they follow the strictest safety and security standards. We work hard to offer our customers parking options that properly fit their needs and preferences while putting a premium on price, dependability, and security.

Cheap and Convenient Luton Airport Parking

You can save a great deal of money compared to conventional parking prices when you book your parking at Luton airport with us. With the best discount offers available, we take pleasure in being the most reputable parking service. Take advantage of our cost-effective Park and Ride options, which include free shuttles and guarantee a hassle-free trip. Choose also our practical

Meet and Greet service authorised by the airport. Remember that flexibility is a must when you book with us. During your journey, our services will provide you peace of mind because they are simple to change and include a FREE cancellation.

Luton Airport Parking Options

We offer a variety of parking options at Luton Airport to meet your specific needs. Whether you need long-stay parking for a protracted trip, short-stay parking for a brief visit, meet and greet service convenience, park and ride affordability, or on-airport parking accessibility.

Even though we offer our parking options at the lowest prices, we also offer the highest level of security at each parking site at the airport so that you can experience stress-free parking before your trip.

Meet and Greet Parking

With our Meet and Greet Parking services, enjoy the greatest convenience, time savings, and cost efficiency. A professional driver will meet you at the airport terminal as part of our parking service, take your car, and park it for you. We'll take care of the car and keep the keys secured in a drawer.

For individuals who desire a smooth and quick departure process, this would be the best choice. Your car will be waiting at the terminal when you get back. A luxurious and convenient choice for parking at Luton Airport is our Meet and Greet. By making a booking in advance with us, you can save 60% money. 

Park and Ride Parking

One of our most popular services that is more affordable while maintaining a high level of quality. You can park your car and take a shuttle bus to the airport terminal with our parking option. The shuttle service will take a few minutes, and it will take about 4 to 5 minutes to walk there. The short ride to the terminal by the shuttle service. A popular choice for parking at Luton Airport is our Park and Ride lot. For huge savings, you can make bookings with us in advance. 

On Airport Parking

You can park your car in the area nearest to the airport terminal with our on-airport parking option, guaranteeing a quick and easy drive to catch your flight. You'll not only secure your parking place but also experience huge cost savings. It will prevent any last-minute scurry and guarantee a smooth beginning to your journey. 

This can cost a little more than other parking options, but with our 60% discount, it is still a good deal. With One Stop Bee, you can pre-book your parking space and save money while enjoying comfort or ease.

Compare Luton Airport Parking

One Stop Bee will offer everything necessary to make sure that your customers have a flawless experience when it comes to selecting the best option that fits within your convenience and price range. Each parking choice has been developed with the concerns of our clients in mind, and we make sure to provide a solution. We offer the following parking options based on how long your journey will last.

Long Stay Parking

If your journey will last a while, our long-stay parking option is perfect for you. With regular shuttle services to and from the terminal for your convenience, park your car safely for a long time. Our long stay parking will be your ideal partners if your travels last for a considerable amount of time. Our parking options have been carefully designed to provide more than just a means to get to the location.

We promise to keep your car safe and secure while you are away. With comfort that your car is in good hands, start your journey. You'll be able to carefully absorb yourself in your trips if you do this.

Short Stay Parking

This is the best choice if you want to pick up or drop off a passenger at the airport. Even at the lowest prices, we provide the most amenities and security services. If you select on-airport parking for a brief visit, it might also save you a lot of time. To get to the terminal, you won't need to move your luggage or walk anywhere. But even with a 60% discount for booking in advance, it can cost a little more.

Guide to Luton Airport
Luton airport is located near the M1 and M25.

From East
Drive on A505 and follow the signboards to reach the airport.

From M25
Drive on M25 and exit at junction 21. From Junction 21 Merge on M1 and follow the signboards.

From the M1
Drive on M1 and exit at junction 10.

From the East
Drive on A505 and follow the signboards.

Facilities at Luton Airport

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  • Book Flights

  • Bars & Restaurants

  • Coach Travel

  • Holiday Transfers & Transport

  • Maps & Directions

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  • Silverstone Circuit

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Things to Do


There are various shops at Luton Airport where you can buy last-minute gifts, duty-free items, clothing, electronics, and more.


Enjoy a meal or grab a quick bite at the airport's restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can find a range of cuisines to suit your preferences.


Some lounges at Luton Airport offer comfortable seating, refreshments, and services for a more relaxed and quiet environment before your flight.

Internet Access

Connect to the airport's free Wi-Fi to stay connected, catch up on emails, or browse the web.

Duty-Free Shopping

Take advantage of duty-free shopping for cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, and other items. Be sure to check the latest regulations regarding duty-free allowances for your destination.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions